Birds’ Day at Louisiana

with Pierre-Laurent Aimard

This year’s recipient of the Léonie Sonnings Music Prize 2022 is the French pianist Pierre-Laurent Aimard who will on Sunday the 29th May perform Catalogue d’Oiseaux (Bird Catalogue) from Olivier Messiaen at the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art.

Catalogue d’Oiseaux is a rarely played masterpiece that requires great skill to perform. The piece is made up of 13 ‘musical portraits’ of French birds and is played for 2,5 hours. The composer’s intention is to depict each bird in its environment as the day progresses. In fact, the piece is not made to be played all at once, but originally thought of as independent compositions. 

The guests visiting Birds’ Day at Louisiana will have the unique opportunity to experience Aimard’s groundbreaking talent and interpretation of this revolutionary piece. 

Programme for the Day

There will be an introduction to the Olivier Messiaen and the Catalougue d’Oiseaux by Esben Tange 15 minutes before each concert

Guest: Pierre-Laurent Aimard

13.00 Concert 1 – Showcasing Book I, II og III

15.00 Concert 2 – Showcasing Book IV

16.00 Concert 3 – Showcasing Book V, VI og VII

After the concert, there will be an opportunity to ask Pierre-Laurent Aimard questions.

The concert will take place on the Calder terrace at Louisiana’s scenic Sculpture Park. In case of bad weather, the concert will be moved to the museums Concert Hall. 

Read more here – and see the programme for the day here.

More information

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