Kasper Rofelt

Léonie Sonning Talent Prize 2014

Kasper Rofelt

was born in 1982. He is a qualified composer and music theorist from The Royal Danish Academy of Music. Teaches composition, theory of music & ear training and musicology and is also active as a lecturer and mediator of music. His music has been performed in most of Europe, USA, Russia and China. Kasper Rofelt writes orchestral, chamber and solo works and has also composed for children and young people, including Luminance for string orchestra. His music focuses on maximum use of the technical and sound possibilities of the instruments and contains grotesque forays, fluctuating harmonics and stark contrasts. Kasper Rofelt will make his debut at The Royal Danish Academy of Music in 2014.

Scholarship from the Léonie Sonning Music Foundation

The scholarship of Kr. 60,000 used for the purchase of computer equipment, microphone, sound card and programs for recording and mixing sound and image.

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