Jeppe Zeeberg

Léonie Sonning Talent Prize 2014

Jeppe Zeeberg

was born in 1988. He has a master’s degree from Rytmisk Musikkonservatorium (2013) and is an active member of the groups Dødens Garderobe, Horse Orchestra, The Roll-Ons and Bird Alert. He has collaborated with John Tchicai, Andrew D’Angelo, Kresten Osgood among others, and has organised events for avant-garde music and silent films, a musical birthday party for John Cage and the improvisation festival Nutidsklang.

Jeppe Zeeberg’s style is a personal, uncompromising blend of genres, its point of departure being jazz and free improvisation. Issued recordings: Dødens Garderobe – feat. John Tchicai (2012). Bird Alert – Bring Forth Your Flowers And Machinery (2013). Herb Robertson/Jeppe Zeeberg/Rune Lohse –Robertson/Zeeberg/Lohse (2013).

Scholarship from the Léonie Sonning Music Foundation

The scholarship of Kr. 60,000 used to purchase a piano and for a study trip to New York, with the intention of studying under Sophia Rosoff.

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