Theis Stoico

Léonie Sonning Talent Prize 2017

Theis wanted to play the drum, but the trombone made him successful
Like many others, Theis Stoico started his music career in a local guard, but when a new teacher introduced him to classical music, his fate was sealed.

It was his big sister Thea, who inspired him to enter the world of music when he was eight years’ old. She was in the local guard in Fredericia and encouraged Theis to do the same. He joined and, naturally, he wanted to play the drum like all the others. This was not possible, however, so instead he had to play the trombone. His mother, who is a bookkeeper, and his father, who is an IT technician, did not have any music relations other than having attended a tattoo occasionally. However, they were supportive of Theis in his pursuit of a career within music.

New inspirational teacher

When the family moved to Zealand a year later, Theis had a new teacher, who really motivated him to continue with the trombone. The same teacher introduced him to classical music, and this has brought Theis to where he is today.

A day of practising for Theis starts with an exercise he once tried during a master class in Sweden. It is a breathing exercise, which makes his body ready for the day’s trombone play. He holds two fingers at his lips. They are his “mouthpiece” and makes resistance when he breathes in and out. In the same rhythm as his breathing, he moves his right hand back and forth as if playing on an imaginary trombone. It is a powerful exercise, which oxidises the whole body, sets the blood circulation going and prepares Theis both physically and mentally for the day’s work in the practice room.

Your body is part of the instrument

Your body is part of the instrument, so it has to be moving. When warming up like this, I get my blood circulation going, and my body gets ready to serve as resonance for the instrument, Theis explains.

Theis is studying in Switzerland. This means that he has to be without his girlfriend for a year.

It’s hard to be away from her. We talk on the phone every day and see each other about once a month. I have to accept this because music has become such a big part of my life, which means that I have to study in Switzerland right now, Theis says and is thrilled at being back in Copenhagen for the time being.

Theis Stoico, trombone

Born: 15 January 1991 in Fredericia.

Summer 2016 BA at the Royal Danish Academy of Music. Studying in Bern at Hochschule der Künste with Prof. Ian Bousfield. Trial period at Aalborg Symphony Orchestra in season 2017/2018.


Studies with Prof. Ian Bousfield at Hochschule der Künste in Bern, Switzerland.

We have many names for the things we love: Theis plays the trombone, which is also called a trumpet or Posaune.

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