Marco Pomelli


The Italian pianist Marco Pomelli was born and raised in Padua in northeastern Italy. At the age of 10, he was admitted to the conservatory in his hometown, which accepts talented young musicians at a very young age. This resulted in immense pressure on Marco, which he fortunately managed to navigate through. He only found true freedom with the piano when he came to the Royal Danish Academy of Music in 2019 to study in the soloist class under Niklas Sivelöv.

He completed his studies in Copenhagen in 2021, and since then, he has composed and released several solo albums, including “Lineature” in 2022, “Bartok 1926” in 2023, and “Riverlike” in 2024. Marco has won awards and recognition at both Italian and international competitions and has performed on stages in Italy, Germany, France, Denmark, and Spain. Additionally, he has participated in masterclasses and received instruction from numerous internationally acclaimed concert pianists.

The money accompanying the Léonie Sonning Talent Prize will be used for equipment purchases for music production, masterclasses and courses in improvisation, as well as expenses for rehearsal space.

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