Oscar Micaelsson

Léonie Sonning Talent Prize 2014

Oscar Micaelsson

was born in 1990 in Göteborg, Sweden. He studies at The Royal Danish Academy of Music and will complete his master’s degree (piano) in 2014. He is active within jazz and improvisation, and in 2012 he performed John Cage’s piano concerto for prepared piano and sinfonietta. He has performed in Scandinavia, Germany and South Korea. In 2013, he was soloist in Gunnar Berg’s piano concerto Frise at the centenary of the Austrian Composers’ Association in Vienna, and in 2013 he was soloist in Stravinsky’s concerto for piano and wind instruments in South Korea. Oscar Micaelsson has also written articles on the meeting between jazz, modern composition music and earlier classical music.

Scholarship from the Léonie Sonning Music Foundation


The scholarship of Kr. 60,000 used for studies/coaching in Paris under Jay Gottlieb, specialist in modern music, and under Claude Abromont, specialist in composition and theory. The scholarship has also been used to complete a research project on jazz and classical traditions.

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