Ilkka Paananen

Léonie Sonning Talentprismodtager 1985


Finske Ilkka Paananen modtog et stipendium på 20.000 kr. Han brugte det til at give en koncert i Purcell Room i London den 10. april 1987 samt til studier i London hos Phyllis Sellick.

My recital went very well, there were a lot fo people listening and I was forced to play encores. Very many people were interested in my own piece, Duo for Piano and Film; this was something new, they had never seen before in a piano recital: a film projected by a movie projector, I improvised music on the piano – like in the old days of silent film theatres … So thanks to the Léonie Sonning Musicfond, I have learned much more of piano playing, music and culture in general.

Pianisten Ilkka Paananen

Er født i 1960 i Keitele. Han studerede i Kuopio hos Jarmo Räty og senere ved Sibelius Akademiet i Helsinki hos Eero Heinonen. Desuden deltog han i mesterkurser hos bl.a. Dmitrij Bashkirov, Ralf Gothoni og Dalton Baldwin. Som 22-årig vandt han den prestigefulde Mai Lind konkurrence i Finland.



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